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How To Feng Shui Your Cubicle

You may recall a recent post on how to Feng Shui your desk, well we’ve decided to expand your Feng Shui knowledge with some easy-to-implement tips on how to Feng Shui your cubicle. These tips can help you increase your productivity and clarity and will help you feel energized and happy throughout the day. No worries if you don’t work in a cubicle any office space can benefit from our Feng Shui tips.


The number one rule for any Feng Shui space is to de-clutter. Take the time to organize your cubicle so every item has a specific space. Clutter will not only hurt your energy, but it can also decrease creativity and productivity, and increase anxiety. We actually wrote a post on Why Less Really Is More, which talks about the benefits of pruning your spaces of clutter and “things” you don’t need. This theory goes for your office too; so don’t pile old documents from wall to wall. If you need more room, look carefully at what you can get rid of and what you can store (in a filing cabinet!) at home.

Add Office Energizers: 

There are small objects you can bring into your space that will help your energy level and make you happier. Look for small, green plants, particularly air purifying plants, like the types we discussed in our post The Power of Green. Plants like those we mention in our previous post, will help add oxygen to the space, decrease anxiety and stress, and help you feel more calm throughout the day. Other office energizers are small photos of friends or family, or vibrant art, that will help elevate your energy level and make you feel happier.

Find the Command Position (Subtly)

If you have a choice in the orientation of your space, face towards the door of the office. If, however, you must have your back to the door make an effort to see behind your back with a reflective object. While some suggest utilizing a small mirror to see behind you, Feng Shui expert, Rodika Tchi, suggests a more subtle approach. Objects you bring into your space to increase your Feng Shui, should not be ostentatious but appropriate for the space. She suggests, instead to use a reflective, office-appropriate, item like a metallic stapler or a frame from one of your photos.

EMF Protection

Small spaces packed with electronics: computers, cell phones, office phones, tablets, are not only going to drain your energy but can pollute your space. There are small, subtle objects like activated charcoal, pendants with citrine, or even EMF Eliminators, which are small metal contraptions designed to absorb electronic pollution, that will help keep your space clean and Feng Shui. Again, the approach here should be subtle, so invest in something small but effective that can help keep your energy clean.

Add Task Lighting

If the lighting in your cubicle is harsh or flickering, or too dim, bring in an extra lamp or even a string of Christmas lights to transform your space. Lighting can drastically change your mood during the day and can help with concentration and productivity. Harsh lights will hurt your eyes, and increase your anxiety. Soft, yellow lights will help stimulate your energy and bring clarity. Lighting will also help make your space more inviting and personal.

Personalize Your Space

You may not realize the effect your office space has on your day-to-day, but not taking the time to add a touch of yourself to your office can wear on you over time. Small touches like those we mentioned above, will not only improve your Feng Shui, but will help you feel comfortable in a space away from home. You know under what conditions you work best, so take the necessary steps to make your space your own, whether that means adding plants or not. As we mentioned in our last Feng Shui post, it’s not necessarily for everyone, but whether you believe in it or not, there are small, subtle changes you can make to your environment to help you feel more comfortable.


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